Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jack's 8 month bday!!

8 months ago today my sweet baby boy was born.  I was on a morphine drip and really didn't even know my own name... but he had arrived by this time, and my life was changed forever.  I love that boy!!  So.. the major event that has happened is that Jack is now eating table food.  This began because Jack moved up to the "crawler room" at school (however, he isn't quite crawling yet.. more like creeping), and his sweet teachers informed me that he was reaching into everyone's food trying to eat whatever they had on their plates (at that point, he was eating baby food and puffs.. apparently not filling enough), and I realized that I had been depriving him of all of the yummy goodness of real food.  So, we started that very night with green beans and Kraft mac n cheese... and he was in Heaven!!  So, now he pretty much eats anything we eat, just in mucchhhh smaller portions.  This makes restaurants about a million times easier.. not that we really frequent the hopping Birmingham restaurants all that often.  But when we do, our sweet boy is occupied with food instead of screaming from boredom.  Success!!!  Now, if we can just get the precious little one to sleep through the night.  How does one get her youngster to quit waking up every three hours on the dot as if he is a hungry newborn?? Surely the healthy, cheesy macaroni can hold him over so Mama can get ONE night's sleep.  8 months without a full night might start taking its toll.  But, as of now, all is good.  Caffeine does my body good, and Jack is healthy and happy.  Life is pretty darn fantastic in the Biddle house.  Hope yours is great too!

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