Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's been too long...

Holy Moly!!! Where has the time gone, and why haven't I been blogging?????

So, the end of September was pretty busy (apparently)... as is the beginning of October. Here are a few highlights.. Every Monday night is a JV football game. Every Thursday night is English class at UAB. Ok.. so Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been the moments when John Berry and I can relax and watch tv... and Fridays are either class, football games, or trips that carry into the entire weekend.

Ok.. the last blog involved me mentioning that I was going to the orthodontist. Well I opted to NOT go for braces.. I had a wakeup call and realized that I had no desire to do that... and instead I would like to get veneers (just for fun).. and John Berry is NOT liking this idea. I mean it is quite expensive, but you only live once, right?!

One weekend since I blogged involved watching Kallie dominate in a cross-country race, which was followed by a nice fun Beall family experience at Buffalo Wild Wings while watching the Alabama game. And then the next weekend was an awesome girls weekend in Auburn with Steph and Amy. And this past weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my life....

So Friday night I went to the Gdale Elementary Festival to support Keri. I met Amy and Sallie there, and had fun watching Sallie run from one slide, ride, or booth to the next. So.. we stayed a little later than expected and ended up back at John and Amy's at 7. And then we left for the great state of Tennessee. We stopped in Cullman for dinner, where we ate at a little digup I found named Carlton's. It was wonderful, and gave both John and me the adequate pasta-induced carb coma that we needed for the big half marathon we would be running the next morning. We got to our hotel in Murfreesboro, TN, and much to our dismay there was a karaoke bar INSIDE THE HOTEL!!! It took all the willpower in the world, but somehow we avoided our favorite activity and made it to our room to get some rest, be it only 5 hours before our race would begin. We woke up at 5, got ready, and rode the shuttle with John Berry (our photographer) to the MTSU track, where the race would begin at 7. I had not trained properly, and I was practically dreading the race. I knew it would be a tough one, and I knew John would be able to run at a much quicker pace. The weather was awesome, and I had my country music running playlist ready. And the gun went off.... For about 6 miles, John and I ran together at about an 8:20 pace.. then I motioned for him to run on ahead, and I settled into a very comfortable pace that I knew would carry me easily to the end. I didn't have a watch on, so I had absolutely no idea what time I would finish in. I finished my last half in 2:02, so I planned to finish this one in 2:30. As I was rounding the last corner, I saw the clock, and my to my dismay I finished in 1:55. I couldn't believe I actually beat my last time!! It was exciting and awesome. And John finished in 1:48, which is incredible!! And then the day progressed... we went to Knoxville, visited the town, went to the Auburn/TN game, ate dinner, went to the hotel, and went to bed. Incredibly relaxing. Incredibly fun. The entire weekend was just awesome!!!

And here I am... it's homecoming week at GHS. So it's busy and fun... and last night I practically sliced the top of my thumb off while cutting potatoes for potato soup.. and today I got rear ended by a student who was texting... but you know, it's all ok. It's a great day. I can feel it. Life is good. And hopefully I can get more on top of this blogging thing!! Ok, the bell ran. Class is starting. And I'm the teacher. Goodbye.