Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes Travis, it most certainly is a great day to be alive...

The Travis Tritt concert last night was spectacular. It was just him and his guitar.. and let me tell you, he's still got it!!

John and I of course were excited because we knew his songs, but the true test was whether John Berry and Amy would have fun. They were excited, but not insanely pumped like we were... and at the end of the night, they agreed that they did not want the concert to end. It was truly probably the best concert I've ever been to. If you are a Travis lover, you missed a good show.

We met at John and Amy's at about 7, and drove to the Birmingham Race Course to pick up our tickets that we had already ordered.. We ate a quick dinner at McDonalds and went straight to the BRC. Upon walkin in we were a little curious about what we had gotten ourselves into. We thought the concert would be small... the parking lot was packed. We thought it would take place outside.. instead it was in the big room but behind a black curtain. We weren't sure what the seating/standing situation would be... and we quickly saw that in this fairly small space there were rows and rows of chairs, along with a dance floor in front of a small stage. So we made the quick decision to start in the back of the dance floor and manouver our way to the front. From the picture, you can tell that we succeeded. Like I said.. the concert was awesome, and we had a blast! I promise you, that won't be the last time I'll be seen at the BRC. Wonderful night.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"I'm gonna be somebody someday..."

It's a perfect Saturday!!!

The weather is awesome. JB and I slept in. We ordered a 6 cheese Tuscan pizza from Papa John's... FANTASTIC!!

Now we are watching I Love You, Man.. it's hilarious. I love days like this....

And we are currently approximately 8 hours and 50 minutes from the Travis Tritt concert at the Birmingham Race Course. It is going to be insanely fun, and I promise to post a recap with pictures...

The only thing that could make this Saturday better is college football and buffalo chicken dip.. all of which is Right Around the CORNER!!!

Life is gooooood.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Post #2 for the day... a few things...
- Pep rally got cancelled due to water on field. Instead we had a "spirit event" in front of the school that basically just consisted of 2 short pep rallies.. in the hot sun... crowded and lacking in school spirit...and we introduced Rocky the Rocket... interesting to say the least.
- I am in the computer lab at UAB. Dreading the fact that I am mere moments away from entering a Friday night classroom, where I will be sitting for 4 1/2 hours. I mean, Really??
- I need sleep.
- Currently considering taking off all of next week and just going to the beach early. If only.

Happy Friday...

Finally Friday...

Ohhhh.... it's FRIDAY!! A week from now we will be at the beach!!!! And John will be trying to convince me to wake up for a nice looong run. And I will resist. We'll see what happens..

It's gonna be a great weekend!!

The Byars clan, Cliff, and John Berry are attending the Hoover/Gdale game tonight, but sadly I'll be in class. John Berry is going to be working for me.. taking pics that we might could use in yearbook. What a wonderful husband! And actually, it isn't work for him. If you know John Berry, you probably know that he is OBSESSED with his nice new camera. He takes pictures constantly, doesn't matter what he is taking pics of. So if you see a creeper in a corner somewhere and a flash catches your eye... I'm just sayin... :) (And that is what he gets for not participating in OUR blog.)

Our first pep rally is today!! No one cares. But I'm excited! Ok.. well I have to finish getting ready for a nice fun day at GHS. Today is spirit day, meaning I'm supposed to wear maroon, gray, and white... the only thing I can find is a t-shirt that I stole from a former cheerleader.. and it has paint splatters and stains on it. Hmmm.... works for me!! Have a GREAT Friday!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Someone tell me.. why am I in my room at 6:57 a.m. I have been here since 6:30 so that I could get ahead on some grading.. and instead I'm blogging. Obsession, meet Kristy. Kristy, Obsession. Nothing I'm too unfamiliar with. Ok.. John Berry is still asleep I'm sure.. snuggled up next to Lucy. And I'm listening to the rain pour on my trailer and trying to pretend like I have nothing to do... oh and I have class tonight at UAB. That I am just now remembering. And there was homework. Oh jeez. Ok goodbye for now blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ok here we go...

Ok.. as you can probably assume, this is Kristy, and I will primarily be updating this thing.. that is, if it ever gets updated. haha. So life is super busy for us.. I'm crazy busy at the high school with being in charge of yearbook and the jv cheerleaders. I am just jotting down notes on a daily basis so I can remember the thousands of "little" tasks that I have to do each day. Football games have begun, so my social life on weeknights is pretty much done. John Berry is working for one of his best friends, Saxon, and he is so happy. We pretty much live our crazy lives at work, then spend evenings together eating hamburger helper and watching movies or some of our favorite television shows until we fall asleep. Pretty perfect if you ask me. We have to break up the monotony of the work week with fun weekends. These usually consist of hanging out at the Byars' house (or in the driveway sitting in a circle... I mean, with weather this nice, why not??). We have also been perfecting our karaoke skills at any place that will allow us to sing. Let's see.. what else is new?? Since I'm probably the only person who will ever read this, I will give myself a quick review of the exciting things going on...
-Keri is a rocket!! Yay!
-Lucy just learned the difficult trick of "speak." Took long enough.
-The Unit will reunite for what will prove to be a memorable beach trip next weekend..
-Travis Tritt at Bham Race Course this Saturday.. surely I'll have a blog to come about that.
-Ohh.. just remembered there is a half marathon coming up October 3.. I seriously need to be training for that.
- Speaking of running, I finally broke the 25 min 5k time.. at the midnight run. Cliff and Steph ran it too. John totally bailed on us for the beach. Boo.

Ok so that's my post for today... Note to self.. next blog must not be entirely about me.. there are 2 people that this blog is supposed to be about.. 3 if you count Lucy. Btw.. what brought on this blog obsession I now have?? Have you seen Julie & Julia? If you haven't, you should. And if you have.. just be glad I'm not blogging about the hamburger helper I'm about to cook. Love you all! (All?? Seriously... Umm... Love you kristy!)